Hong Kong, Sydney

  • Specie: Jacaranda (jacaranda mimosifolia)
  • Location: Pacific Place 3

I had one of the most surreal experiences last November when I found myself in Sydney, Australia and found the whole city ablazed in blue. As I discovered, it was spring in the southern hemisphere and the city’s Jacarandas were in full bloom.

Ever since, I’ve sought out Jacarandas in Hong Kong, and found several. But it was only last weekend that I found one that is comparable to those in Sydney.


Standing alone outside Pacific Place 3 on the curb of Star Street is this outstanding example of the specie. Unlike many of its peers in Hong Kong, which only sport a few blooms, this sample is bursting at the seams with flowers, which cover all its limbs.


It is simply gorgeous, particularly set against Hong Kong’s skyline. But it does look a bit lonely on its own. It has a kin down the street at the corner of Queen’s Road East and Queensway, but that tree is much less forthcoming in terms of colour. Let’s hope it catches up when it matures.

In the meantime, I suspect there are many more Jacarandas in our city. Do let me know if you see one. Better yet, take a photo and post it on my Facebook group ‘urbantrees of the world.’

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