Jacarandas of HKU

  • Species: Jacaranda (jacaranda mimosifolia)
  • Location: Hong Kong University, Shaw Building entrance

Jacaranda (jacaranda mimosifolia) trees offer up beautiful flowers that at times blanket its canopy and paint the sky purple for lucky passer-bys underneath. Besides the explosion of purple flowers during the sprint, Jacarandas are similar to Flame trees and offer stunning organic forms all year round. The trees’ silhouette features distinctive broad, intense strokes that split into elegant wavy lines like a Chinese ink painting.

One of the most famous members of this specie grew outside the clocktower within the Quadrangle square in the University of Sydney. That beloved “Quad Jacaranda” died in November last year after nearly 90 years.

The famous Jacaranda tree at the University of Sydney, which sadly fell over in November 2016, 88 years after it was planted (Photo: University of Sydney)

Today, I discovered that the University of Hong Kong is also home to a couple of Jacaranda (jacaranda mimosifolia) trees. These two individuals are located outside the Shaw Building of HKU. They are less extravagant then their counterpart Downunder, but they were a nice surprise during a walk through the campus.

I have noticed a few other Jacarandas around Hong Kong. There is one among the Flame tree forest in Victoria Park (opposite Windsor House near Causeway Bay).

Another one guards, albeit very shyly, the entrance to Wanchai from Admiralty, sitting in the sidewalk peninsula where Queensway branches into Hennessy Road and Queen’s Road East.

This youngish jacaranda is hidden away on the border of wanchai and admiralty

There’s one on Kotewall Road in Mid-levels near the entrance to Pik Shan Path, but it is pretty hard to notice, since it is really tall and obscured by trees from a nearby hill.


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