Mystery of the Murray Building tree: SOLVED!

  • Species: Pink and White Shower tree (cassia javanica var. indochinensis)
  • Location: Murray Building on Cotton Tree Drive

Thanks to some helpful #treelovers in Hong Kong from the Facebook group ‘Hong Kong Flora and Vegetation’, who pointed me to the incredible blog, ‘Hong Kong nature treasure‘, the mysterious identity of the glamorous flowering tree outside the Murray Building has been pinpointed.

According to the above bloggers post, the tree is a Pink and White Shower tree (cassia javanica var. indochinensis). The species is also called by a number of other names: Java Cassia, Pink Shower, Apple Blossom Tree and Rainbow Shower Tree.

There is a lot more information on it in the post that you should definitely check out, plus much closer photos, plus here. It is safe to say it is a well beloved individual that has caught the eye of many a tree watcher.



humble student of the glory of trees

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