Hong Kong urbantrees

Hong Kong is arguably one of the world’s megacities, having a population of roughly 7 million and growing, living inside high-rise apartment buildings and working in even higher office towers. The city is a major centre of commerce and international trade, with neon, and now sophisticated LED, signage advertising major global brands along its famous harbour front. Meanwhile, there are streets full of restaurants and shops. Five-star hotels grow atop high end shopping malls. A few blocks away, there are busy market stalls selling fresh seafood and vegetables.

Hong Kong can certainly exemplify the stereotypical concrete jungle, complete with its dystrophic Blade Runnerish vibe. Yet, nestled among the hustle and bustle of the city’s manic rhythm are majestic age-old trees, well preserved (to a certain extent), much loved by many.

While they are often overlooked by the city’s populace, who, distracted by the pace of the city, pass them by without a second glance, we want to bring them into the spotlight, give them the recognition, respect, love and attention that they deserved.

In this section dedicated to Hong Kong (where I live), we aim to achieve two goals:

1. Document and catalogue Hong Kong’s Old and Valuable trees
2. Compile a database of Hong Kong’s rich arboreal biodiversity, complete with a guide to common tree species and where to best find them in the city.