Yellow Silk

  • Specie: Silk Oak (grevillea robusta)
  • Location: Wanchai Park, Hollywood Road Park

Ever since I came across my first Silk Oak tree on Gloucester Road, I’ve been intrigued about the specie and its flowers, which were reputed to be quite impactful. Last weekend, I finally got my wish. During my wonderings around town exploring the city’s green spaces, I finally spotted some flowering Silk Oaks.

There were several individuals growing inside Hollywood Road Park in Sheung Wan, including this incredibly tall specimen that stood up well above the other trees in the park.



While it was hard to get a close up look at the yellow flowers, they were unmistakable against the tree foliage.

Then I came across a few more flowing Silk Oaks in Wanchai Park.

img_20180421_1608075134661911079353886.jpgThanks to some stairs leading up to Queen’s Road East, I managed to get a closer look to the blooms.

Obviously, I was still pretty far away, so wasn’t able to capture the finer details. You can find much better photos of the flowers online, for example, here curtesy of Wikipedia.

The flowers aside, I was able to get a much closer look at the tree’s structure. In addition to the flowers, I was quite impressed with the droopy branches, which gave the tree that extra little bit of character.

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