Friendly neighbourhood spider…

  • Specie: Spider Tree (creteva unilocularis)
  • Old and Valuable tree: LCSD WCH/15
  • Location: Wan Chai Park

There are plenty of flowering trees in Hong Kong this time of year (April) but few are as elegant and succulent as the Spider Tree.

While the specie certainly doesn’t have the colourful impact of the Cotton tree, it’s almost bashful flowers more than make up for it with its abundance.

Like the Mango trees, the blooms of the Spider Tree explode forth all at once, covering the trees’ entire canopy with a flowing mass of white and yellow. It’s nature’s own version of impressionism.

My favourite Spider Tree is found inside Wan Chai Park, nestled between Wan Chai Road and Queen’s Road East. This specimen is one of the Old and Valuable trees on the government’s tree register. I have written about this tree before, but it always takes my breath away, especially its role as protector and companion to the crowds of Chinese chess players gathered underneath.

If you are like me and have been out and about town, you might have seen these around. Ever since I found out about Spider Trees, I’ve spotted many on random streets. I’m pretty sure a walk around any neighbourhood will get you an eyeful.

Another notable, definitely more prominent, Spider Tree grows on the side of Chater Garden facing Cheung Kong Tower and the Bank of China building. It literally stands guard on the pedestrian crossing, like a salute to two of the most dominant landmarks amongst Hong Kong’s skyline.

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