Specie: Sacred Fig/Peepul Tree (ficus religiosa)

Location: Roof terrace, IFC Mall

The Sacred Fig, known locally as the Peepul Tree, is famous for shading the Buddha as he attained enlightenment. Here in Hong Kong, it is a relatively common specie, especially on the grounds of Buddhist temples and places of worships.

That said, this grove of Sacred Figs on the upper terrace of the IFC Mall is clearly not religious in the conventional sense, but marks the worship of perhaps other deities, whose temple are the high-end shops and office towers nearby.

If I was a believer then I’d say Hong Kong is in for some auspicious times ahead. Many of the individuals here are bearing fruit, and you know what they say about money and trees.

The trees aren’t the oldest or most beautified examples of the species around the city, but still worth a visit if you are in the area.

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