Bauhinia terrace

  • Specie: Bauhinia, White Bauhinia
  • Location: Tai On Terrace off Tank Lane and Bridges Street

As many of you know, the Bauhinia Tree, also known as the Hong Kong Orchid Tree, is the official symbol for Hong Kong and is the flower on its flag. The flamboyant purple flowers are in bloom now in late November and can be easily spotted on most parks. 

While its is easy to find one or even a couple of these flowering trees in the city, hidden away above Sheung Wan is a quiet lane that is home to an entire row of these gorgeous trees, all in bloom now.

The street, more accurately a walkway, is Tai On Terrace, which connects a couple of stairways in the Tank Lane, Bridges Street vicinity.

In addition to the standard purple variety, there were also White Bauhinias, which essentially are the same but with white flowers.

It’s not easy to find, or get too, since you either have to walk up from Tank Lane, or down from Caine Road. But its a quient, idyllic side of Hong Kong well worth a visit, plus there are plenty of beautiful trees in the area, like these monuments and this tree sitting on top a wall

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