Autumn Maple on Magazine Gap Rd

  • Specie: Autumn Maple (bischofia javanica)
  • Location: Magazine Gap Road above May Rd junction

Came across this Autumn Maple tree, also known as bishopwood in other parts, with a ton of fruit hanging from its branches.

I have no idea why it is called a ‘maple’ at all ince it appears nothing like the maple trees I’ve known in Canada. Also, it’s autumn, when maples are supposed to turn different colours and loose their leaves, which this one obviously is not doing.Then again, just look at those happy fruits. This particular specimen grows on the side of Magazine Gap Road as you ascend up from the junction with May Road. Its trunk starts down on the slope next to the street, thus giving you a full view of its canopy and fruits.

It’s not easy to get to on foot but the hike is a worthy challenge.

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humble student of the glory of trees

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