The Grand Lovers on Wong Ngai Chung Road

  • Species: Chinese Banyan (ficus microcarpa)
  • Location: Wong Nai Chung Road, corner of Broadwood/Link Road

Imagine growing up next to somebody, and the for some reason, you happen to reach over, and your hands meet and have stayed together since that day. This is the story, I’d like to imagine, of these two Chinese Banyans on Wong Ngai Chung road on the eastern border of the Jockey Club race course.

Grand lov
Two Chinese Banyans, but is it?


While it looks evidently like two aged and venerable individuals standing side-by-side on the pavement, a closer look up in the branches shows the possibility of an amazing love story.

Grand lovers
Two trees become one

High up in the branches, limbs of the two trees meet and intertwine with each other and become one. It is difficult to tell whether they have fused together into a single entity, or they still grow as two separate trees, but the effect is magical. Just image the decades that each individual spent growing up, just to be able to reach over and touch each other. A truly remarkable feat.

Grand lovers
Eternal love


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