Three Chinese Banyan brothers on Pokfield Road

  • Species: Chinese Banyan (ficus microcarpa)
  • Location: corner of Pokfield Road and Pokfulam Road

These three Chinese Banyans (ficus microcarpa) form one of the most striking displays on the western part of Hong Kong island. Located on Pokfield road and Pokfulam road. They stand almost as a single entity offering shade and protection to anyone that comes within their canopy.

Unfortunately, not everyone agrees, as someone had decided to put up a parking covering on the lot. Then again, there are those that feel the trees’ canopy is enough comfort and has parked right in the middle of my photographs.

Three brothers on Po Fu Lam roam
These three magnificant Chinese Banyans are located on the corner of Pokfield Road and Pok Fu Lam road

Interestingly, not one of the three trees are considered ‘Old and valuable,” in the eyes of the Hong Kong government, since they might not meet any of the required criteria on their own, but I think they should really make an exception for these three. There are some clusters and composition of trees that are absolutely worth preservation as well as appreciation, even if they are not old enough, or special enough, as individuals.

What do you think?

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