A spider in a wall in Happy Valley

Hong Kong has many ‘walled’ trees, which actually grow on walls, but the city doesn’t have many trees that actually grow inside a wall like this Spider Tree in Happy Valley. Located literally in the outer wall of an apartment building on the corner of Po Shin Street and Shan Kwong Road, half of the tree’s trunk is inside the wall structure itself, while another half protrudes nonchalantly on the outside.

Considering that the building seems relatively old, someone a long time ago, likely several decades, made the decision to preserve this tree. Kudos to that individual, or individuals, for a job well done! I sincerely hope they are still around, because they can be really proud of their gift to our cityscape.

The tree is stunning, and spectacularly tall for its species. In full bloom, like in these photos, it’s a masterpiece, proving that even in a hard-boiled wonderland like Hong Kong, there is room for beauty, nature and splendour.

I’ve documented this tree before on my Facebook group (same name as this blog), but managed to finally identify it from its blooms today.

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