• Specie: Camphor tree
  • OVT Registrar: LCSD CW/68
  • Location: Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens (on the path leading from the Eastern entrance to the park off Albany Road)

I have written about this particular Camphor tree before because of its distinct facade resembling a mythical monster but imagine my surprise to find, that, underneath, or more accurately on the surface of the grand, Old and Valuable tree, are… flowers.

Specifically, growing on the multi-limb torso of the Camphor is a type of orchid, called ‘dendrobium loddigesii’. I am not sure whether it was a single orchid plant or a colony, but it covered a large area on the host tree.

The flowers are quite uncharacteristic for the typically stoic Camphor and adds a dainty beauty to what is already a remarkable individual.

Obviously, orchids are known to flourish on host trees without any harm to the tree itself. However, this is certainly the first time I have come across a Camphor with such an exotic passenger.

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