One-eyed monsters

  • Specie: Cinnamon Camphor
  • OVT Registrar: LCSD CW/68
  • Location: Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens (on the path leading from the Eastern entrance to the park off Albany Road)

If you get bored of catching virtual Pokemon around our town, then you might want to try visiting these two real life monsters, monster trees that is. 

Both are Cinnamon Camphors and both sport a large wound that render them the splitting image of an one-eyed monster straight out of ancient mythology.

Over the years, each of these two majestic elders have lost one of their limbs, leaving a large circular scar at the base of each tree that now resembles a humongous eye, forever open to gaze upon the surrounding forest.

Both can be found along a path on the eastern section of the Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens. From Albany Road, enter the park from the entrance at the low end of the hill.

The first Cyclops you will see Will be directly in front of you. It currently has three main trunks that ascend from its base. It is also a registered ‘Old and Valuable’ tree of Hong Kong – LCSD CW/68.

From the back it looks like any ordinary camphor.

But once you come face to face with its ‘eye’, the tree comes alive.

To catch a close of its brother, head up the hill on the path. Once you get to the cranes, look to the right. There rest another Cyclops, this one with even bigger hair.

This one however is not designated an ‘OVT’ but it is no less fierce in my book.

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