Rose coloured Java Apple 

  • Specie: Java Apple (syzygium samarangense)
  • Location: Hillside between Blue Pool Road and Green Lane, Happy Valley

Hong Kong’s hilly terrain offers some surprising views of the city’s trees, particularly fruits of tall trees that are usually out of camera range, at least with my phone.

In this case, the height differential between Blue Pool Road and Green Lane in Happy Valley meant that the tops of a couple of Java Apple trees were at eye level, giving a perfect vantage point of their rose-coloured fruits.

There are two members of the specie on the hill. From Green Lane, the trees present the typical difficulties of seeing the fruit. That said a little effort and the colourful fruits do reveal themselves.

One interesting question is who or what eats the fruits? Birds? Squirrels? Or they just fall down and go to waste.

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humble student of the glory of trees

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