Rosy Trumpets

Specie: Rosy Trumpet Tree (tabebuia rosea)

Location: Wong Ngai Chung Road and Link Road, Happy Valley; Perkins Road, Jardin’s Lookout

I have blogged about the tabebuia chrysthana, or Golden Trumpet tree, but I didn’t expect to come across its relative, the ‘tabebuia rosea’, or Rosy Trumpet Tree in Hong Kong, but here we are.

unlike its golden cousins, the rosy coloured tree are much rarer. So far, I have come across only two such trees in Hong Kong, the most recent being this one on Wong Ngai Chung Road, facing the intersection to Link Road.

I also came across one on Perkins Road on Jardine’s Lookout a while back, which I thought was a jacaranda earlier, but realise must be like these tabebuia rosea.

The flowers are very similar to the golden trumpet in shape, but are pink, with a hint of yellow at its core.

If you are looking for a douse of flamboyant glamour to lift up your mood, this should definitely do the trick!

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