Photo of the day: Caucasian Wingnut@Rijksmusuem

Came across this impressive Caucasian Wingnut (pterocarya fraxinifolia) in the garden of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.

I really don’t know much about the specie, but I loved the ruggedness of its trunk contrasting against its soft foliage. Plus it was one of only a handful of large trees around the central Amsterdam. For such a green city, there were many old trees, at least not where I wandered.

Further reading revealed this particular tree is related to the walnut family. Indeed, the specie bears many similarities to the Black Walnut (juglans nigra), which also sports a rough, ridged bark. The name caucasian is indicative of its origins in Eastern Europe and Turkey.

I have yet to spot one in Hong Kong, at least not one I recognised.

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  1. The black walnut that is native to the San Joaquin Valley was used extensively as understock for the old English walnut orchards that were here decades ago. Consequently, they have naturalized in some of the surrounding suburban areas. Some were planted (as simple ungrafted black walnuts) to shade some of the old highways in the region. Some are massive now, but at that age where they are all deteriorating at the same rate.

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    • Thanks Tony… All these species in Europe are pretty alien to me as they are not found in Hong Kong. Even common species in the West like oaks, beech, elm, ash are largely absent in my city – at least in their Western form – there are local variants but they are hard to recognise for me. For those reasons, I really do enjoy tree browsing when on the road, I get to see so many new species. It’s a bit overwhelming at times but the Internet has been great at identifying species and even individual trees, such as the Wingnut.

      Really appreciate your feedback and information.

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