Photo of the day: Chinese Fan Palm @ Sun Yat Sun Memorial Park

The story below is about Chinese Fan Palms, which wrong. Find the correct info here)

There are many different species of palm trees in Hong Kong, but the most prominent and easiest to find is the Chinese Fan Palm (livistona chinensis) It is distinguishable by its thick and robust trunks and large fan-like leaves, which resemble large round sheets with sword-like extensions protruding from the edges.

The specie is quite common in public parks, likely due to their perfect match to Hong Kong’s climate. However, few plantings are as striking as these on the boardwalk along the shore of Victoria Harbour inside the Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park in Sheung Wan.

This grove is like a living sculptures situating in the middle of a paved section of the park. It is obviously getting good mileage as one of the few shaded areas in the vicinity. Great place for a rest during any sojorne along the harbour front.

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  1. I never would have caught that. I am not very familiar with the. The only similar palm here is the windmill palm, which is just Trachicarpus fortuneii. There are other Trachicarpus here now that were introduced only in the past few years, but I would not recognize them if I saw them.

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