Photo of the day: Elaeocarpus Hainanensis @ SOGO

This is one of the first trees I learned to identify in my journey into the world of trees. It is called Hainanese Elaeocarpus (elaeocarpus hainanensis). I remember it clearly precisely because its common name is basically just as difficult to remember as it’s Latin, or scientific name.

There was also the fact that their dainty little bell-shaped flowers were so distinct as they blanket the foliage, which was really hard to miss for a novice treelover.

For a closer look, head to the street behind SOGO, or to the Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park in Sheungwan. Enjoy the flowers while they last if you have get a chance.

Note: the flowers are actually white.. But shows up here in the evening as yellow stars.

During the day, the flowers are like this (from the entrance of Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park.

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humble student of the glory of trees

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