• Specie: Mango Tree (mangifera indica 杧果)
  • Location: Hong Kong Park, various

There are mangoes in Hong Kong! While mangoes are considered exotic and tropical fruits

, there are plenty of mango trees in Hong Kong, despite the fact the city is far from the equator.

Like these few in and around Hong Kong Park, they are blooming all arpumd the city now.

If case you are wondering, yes, these trees are the same specie as the one that produces the sweet edible fruit. What might surprise you is that mango trees are in the same family that gives us the much less appetising poison ivy plant.

The trees themselves are quite imposing, often with thick muscular trunks and robust full crowns with elongated rich green leaves. The tree is evergreen so it retains its leaves.

The flowers are intricate star-like formations at the end of its branches. When in bloom, the entire tree can be covered with flowers.

Despite their apparent fertility, the mango trees in Hong Kong don’t seem too fruitful as I have yet to see any with ripe fruits, although I have seen fruits hanging on trees. It is of course possible that people pluck them before they ripen but given the height of most mango trees in Hong Kong, that is highly unlikely.

In the meantime, enjoy the spectacular flowers and the absolutely stunning weather in Hong Kong – while they last!

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