Dead Flame

  • ​Specie: Flame Tree (delonix regia)
  • Location: Chater Garden

This iconic Flame Tree in Chater Garden will be removed by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department this week. The official explanation is that it ‘potentially’ poses a threat, presumably that means to the public.

The tree as it stands is pretty erect, so it doesn’t look like it will topple to one side, i.e. fall on some unsuspecting passersby. 

That said, the tree looks dead. While Flame trees are deciduous and loose their leaves, this member’s bare limbs stand in sharp contrast to several other Flame trees nearby. 

It is either very confused about the season, or it has already passed on to the great big forest in the sky. My guess is that the tree will start to rot, hence weakening its branches and roots, which can cause parts or whole of the tree to fall down and hurt someone.

Maybe it is a necessary evil to remove this tree, but it’s sad all the same. It is arguably one of the best natural props for photos of Hong Kong’s iconic skyscrapers, including the Bank of China and Cheung Kong.

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