The Cathedral on the Peak

  • Specie: Indian Rubber Tree (ficus elastica)
  • OVT Registrar: LCSD CW/134
  • Location: Lugard Road, Victoria Peak

Indian Rubber Trees are quite common in Hong Kong, but there is little doubt that they are one of the most majestic and regal species around our cities.

Every time I come across one of these trees, such as this member on Leighton Road, I am always in awe, of their expansive scale, with their stoicism, complexity and revered presence. 

But even among these giants, one clearly stands out, even though there are many others like it along the same road.

In addition to being one of the largest individuals of its kind, this ‘Old and Valuable’ tree of Hong Kong – LCSD CW/134 – straddles Lugard Road – a popular hiking trial that form a circuitous route around Victoria Peak.

The tree’s roots tower over both sides of the road, like the vaulted buttresses of a gothic cathedral. 

As you walk underneath its arches, you are also treated to its aerial roots, which hang overhead like party decorations. 

The experience is quite surreal and well worth the trek up the mountain.

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humble student of the glory of trees

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