• Species: Sequoies, pondarosa pines, black oaks, canyon live oaks
  • Location: Yosemite National Park

I had the tremendous good fortune to visit the Yosemite National Park recently and what an amazing experience it was. Not only were there majestic cliffs and waterfalls, but stunning tree species, including magnificent sequoias, pines, oaks and maples.

The sequoias, also known as redwoods, certainly lived up to their stellar reputation, towering over us mere mortals with their grandeur, like something straight out of some ancient mythology

Not to be overshadowed were the tall pine trees, in this case called Poderosa Pines, a which were as tall as the redwoods but adorned with needles that burst out from its limbs like mini fireworks.

Then there were the Black Oaks, standing in the meadow in the valley, graceful and stern with its vertical trunks, flush with full and lush canopies.

Further up the hills – we ended up hiking up to Nevada Fall – there were the more reserved Canyon Live Oaks. These were shorter and more compact, but their struggle to survive in the harsher environment and higher altitude only adds to their character.

Also gathered in groves on the hillside were splendid Broadleaf Maples that were just starting to change to their fall colours of bright yellow and ochre.

Perhaps even more impressive than the live trees were the corpses lying amidst the forest floor. These were like intricate sculptures, shaped by nature’s own hands over decades, now frozen in death, yet losing none of their former vitality.

Lastly, there is the trunk of the thousand year old tree on display at the visitors centre. 

How can this not convince you of the awesomeness of nature?

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humble student of the glory of trees

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