Castelo de São Jorge

  • Specie: Olive trees
  • Location: Castelo de São Jorge, Lisbon, Portugal

The Castelo de São Jorge sits atop the hilltop in Lisbon, Portugal as an old fort in defense of the city in ancient times. The fort itself is impressive with its fortified walls and spectacular views over the city and its main port of entry.

But the castle also held other treasures, namely a grove of ancient olive trees, many still bearing fruit. These venerable survivors lined the castle walls, like guards standing at eternal attention amongst the fortifications.

The years have not been easy for these members, each showing the battle scars from the wind, sun and frost of the Atlantic coast climate.

Many have clearly struggled, with shattered cores and broken limbs. But all seem to be resolute, tenacious in the face of the passing ages.

To my pleasant surprise, I was not the only one admiring their form and presence. Their emotive shapes are clearly touching the crowds of visiting tourists, who are finding the olive trees worthy accompaniments for their selfies.

If you ever make it up to the castel, then also look out for the massive cedar trees – I think they are Cedars of Lebanon, that provide a splendid overheard cover with their wide foliage spread.

They are simply gorgeous. More than that, they provide much needed shade for the exposed hilltop fort.

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humble student of the glory of trees

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