Should I stay or should I go?

  • Specie: Big-leaved Fig (ficus virens)
  • Old and valuable tree of Hong Kong listing: ARCHSD CW/25
  • Location; Wing Lee Street between Shing Wong Street and Ladder Street

There are two very well hidden Big-leaved Fig trees growing off the beaten path in Central. One is an ‘Old and valuable’ tree of Hong Kong while the other is not, but no less fantastic. One is standing firmly in its place on a slope, complete with a designated ‘pot’ formed in the concrete. The other is climbing on a wall, seemingly trying to escape up the side of the.building and out of the area.

The two cannot be more different. One is firm, stoic, dignified, like a gentleman statesman. The other is wild, panicked even, fraying its arms in the air like a hyperactive teenager.

The elder is pretty noteworthy in the girth of its main trunk, which splits into 3 before ascending up to the sky. Despite the fact its roots are restricted by the perfectly round concrete enclosure, the tree is impressively tall with a full canopy of thick leaves.

The sassy teenager on the other hand is cramped up into a corner, but that only adds to its will to break out. It seemingly explodes forth from its wedge.

To catch these two small wonders of Hong Kong’s tree world, you really have to trek, albeit through one of the nicest parts of the city. 

Wing Lee Street, where these two individuals are located is only accessible off two streets that are basically stairs. But it is well worth the walk and exercise, because there are plenty of nice cafes and restaurants in the area, and of course trees.

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