The Queen is wearing purple… and blooming outside HKU

  • Specie: Queen Crape Myrtle
  • Location: Pok Fu Lam Road just outside the HKU MTR exit

Queen Crape Myrtles are spectacular trees, not because of their size or age, but because they seem to be strutting their stuff like a model on a catwalk throughout the seasons.

Usually, they have broad, intensely green leaves that hang from wide crowns. During the winter, these turn a kaleidoscope of orange, brown and red hues. Then there is the spring, when they break out in bright purple flowers that cover it’s entire foliage.

This particular specimen on Pok Fu Lam Road just outside the HKU MTR exit, is an early bloomer.

In the coming weeks, these ‘Queens’ will be displaying their glorious colours all around Hong Kong.

The trees are pretty common, so keep your eyes out. If you want a guaranteed sighting, then Happy Valley is a good place to venture as every inhabited with one of these ostentatious trees. But be warned, the flowers don’t last very long, so admire them when you get the chance.

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