Oops, someone misIDed this Flame Tree as a Jacaranda

  • Species: Flame Tree, Jacaranda
  • Location: Kotewall Road beyond Conduit Road, opposite the public toilets

Not one likes a smartass but I just can’t keep quiet that someone has definitely made a mistake in identifying this tree hidden away on Kotewall Road.

The sign clearly says Jacaranda, but the blooms are clearly red, like those of the Flame Tree (delonix regia). Unless there is a genus of Jacaranda with red flowers, then the sign is wrong. That said the two species of trees are startlingly similar.

I am not complaining, just that I was really looking forward to seeing the blooms of the Jacaranda since I came across the sign, and have walked pass this tree many times waiting for it to flower, so am a bit disappointed.

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humble student of the glory of trees

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