Leaf and fish at Tsukiji Aozora Sandaimei

Japan is famous for many things, but sakura and sushi are perhaps two of my favourites. Sakuras, or cherry blossoms, are spectacular when they bloom in the spring. Sushi, well, enough said, who doesn’t love raw, delicious morsels served on vinagered rice?

Our chef at Tsukiji Aozora Sandaimei has managed to combine the two into a single recipe that uses the leaves of the sakura tree as a part of the marinade for salmon.

Pieces of salmon are placed between beds of sakura leaves and left in the fridge. to serve it, the piece of salmon is placed expertly on sushi rice. To complete the ensemble, a piece of the leave is cut into a strip and served on top of the fish.

Eaten together, the leaf adds to the texture while the subtle hint the vinaigrette marinade helps to complement the richness of the fish. Definitely a nice use of trees in the culinary arts.

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humble student of the glory of trees

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