It’s raining… flames

  • Species: Flame Tree (delonix regia)
  • Location: Western entrance of Victoria Park near Windsor House

What better way to brighten a rainy afternoon than to visit the blooming Flame trees of Victoria Park in Causeway Bay. Just across Windsor House at the entrance of the park, is a row of young Flame of the Forest trees, which are blooming right now (mid-May).

Victoria Park
Blazing in the rain

The amazingly bright red flares will brighten up the dreariest landscape, not to mention anyone’s mood. It’s hard not to feel a sense of joy and wonder when you are overwhelmed by thousands of little red flowers, each rejoicing at being seen by you.

Victoria Park
Thousands of joyous hellos

Then there is the garden itself, with its sheer concentration of red blooms. There are other areas in Hong Kong where Flame trees strike a post on their own or in a group, but the homogenous age and size of the Victoria Park Flame trees mean they tend to bloom at the same time, like a chain reaction of fireworks. Definitely an experience you should try to catch.



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