The phoenix rises again in HKU

Flame trees (delonix regia 鳳凰木), are also known as Flame of the Forest and as Phoenix Wood as translated literal from the Chinese name. Anyone who lives beside one of these trees, or are fortunate enough to notice one of these trees over a few seasons, should easily understand the reference.

As deciduous trees, Flame trees loose all their leaves and stand mostly bare for most of the year. Then in Spring, the tree seemingly comes back to life with bright green leaves, before literally exploding forward with bright – and not to be overstating – glamorously red blooms that would put most flamingo dresses to shame.

This is one of my favourite Flame trees in Hong Kong, being located inside a roundabout ramp inside the University of Hong Kong. The shape of the road helps to accentuate the slender body and wide canopy that is typical of the Flame tree.

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humble student of the glory of trees


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