Forest bathing at Kyoto’s Botanical Gardens

  • Species: various
  • Location: Kyoto Botanical Garden

I recently spent a beautiful morning inside Kyoto’s Botanical Garden, trying out the newly discovered concept of ‘forest bathing’ or shinrin yoku. The idea is to walk in a forest, soak up the atmosphere, and find calm and relaxation. Recently, scientist got involved and proved that being inside a forest is actually good for you, medically.

According to Wikipedia, the benefits of forest bathing are derived from “volatile substances” called “phytoncides,” also called wood essential oils. You breath in these “antimicrobial volatile organic compounds” that are expelled by trees for a number of reasons, including to ward off rot and to dissuade insects and animals from gnawing on their parts, and they, according to some scientists, help relieve stress, increase concentration, and even lower blood pressure.

I am no scientist, but I am an obvious believer and a big fan. While it is no ‘forest’, Kyoto’s Botanical Garden is a great place to get some bathing time among trees. The ‘garden’ actually consists of multiple ‘forests’… of Japanese Pines, China Fir, Japanese Maple, Peach, Weeping Cherry and Plum trees. Then there are the majestic Himalayan Cedars and the collection of Camellia trees and their beautiful blooms. There is also a dedicated area that is preserved as it is during the primeval ages.

The visit did not disappoint. Enjoy the photos.

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humble student of the glory of trees

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