Revisiting Wendy’s Secret Garden

  • Location: Wendy’s Secret Garden,North Sydney
  • Species: various

Had a wonderful time again revisiting Wendy’s Secret Garden in North Sydney. Got a chance to explore further, and deeper into the garden grounds.

Found a couple of familiar tree species – at least one Moreton Bay Fig (ficus macrophylla) and what I am pretty sure was a Yellow Jade Orchid (michelia champaca), as well as some flowering, and super fragrant, Orange Jasmines (murraya paniculata).

I am still blown away by the sheer enterprise, dedication and passion behind the project’s origin story. If you ever visit Sydney, this is one secret you have to discover.

Moreton Bay Fig or Australian Banyan
Alexandre Palm


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humble student of the glory of trees

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  1. There is a big Moreton Bay fig in Santa Barbara, right in one of the more prominent city parks. I do not remember this history of it, but we all know about it. It used to be more prominent when the Highway 101 Freeway was at ground level, but now that the freeway has been elevated, it is only visible from above, where it looks more like a group of trees than one big tree. When I was a kid, I sort of wondered where Moreton Bay was. I had no idea it was in Australia, or even where Australia was.
    We know those palms as Phoenix canariensis, Canary Island date palm; and they are common in most of California. Arcontophoenix alexandrae is what we know as the Alexandrae palm, although I consider them to be one of the king palms. Because they are rare in Northern California, I do not need to distinguish them from other king palms like we do in Southern California.


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