7 1/2 frangipanis

  • Specie: Frangipani (plumeria rubra 雞蛋花)
  • Location: St Paul’s College, Bonham Road

Somehow, every time I come across some extraordinary trees of a certain species, I tend to run into more of the same soon after, like my previous experiences with the London Plane and Japanese Superb Fig.

Following my encounter with the four aged frangipanis in Shum Shui Po Park, I was awed to meet no less than 8, or 7 1/2 since one is a juvenile, magnificent examples of the specie lining the side of Hong Kong’s oldest continuously operating school, St Paul’s College on Bonham Road in Western District.

These guardian trees casting their protective aura over the school don’t seem as old as the 4 in SSP, as their trunks are thinner, but they are definitely taller, reaching up to the third floor of its ward.

These frangipanis also have leaves, which adds to their sense of vitality, a perfect complement to the nature of an institution for young minds. I can’t help but wonder if anybody attending the school actually notices these beautiful trees. I find it impossible to ignore.

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humble student of the glory of trees

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  1. Those are rad! My colleague down south has several cultivars. When I go down there in the winter (I was supposed to be there yesterday and returning today.) I prune them and make many cuttings. One of his is quite broad. Otherwise, they are not common trees, even in the Los Angeles area.


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