Autumn Maple in Hung Hom

  • Specie: Autumn Maple (bischofia javanica)
  • Location: Bus terminus outside Hung Hom ferry terminal.

One of the main goals of this project is to learn and catalogue urbantrees in Hong Kong. So I was really pleasantly surprised to come across this young tree that I.didn’t recognised with a name tag that identified its specie.

Then again, I was a bit shocked to see the name: Autumn Maple. Being quite accustomed to maple trees in Canada, I failed to see any indication of the broad, multi-protrusion leaf shape that is the emblem of the country.

Instead, this tree had typical, non-descript leaves. The only distinguishing feature were the subtly serrated edges of the leaves.

A bit of research later. I discovered the specie is part of the bishopwood family of trees, which is actually a native tree in this region.

There really isn’t any features that can be easily attributed to this specie. The only thing I can think of is its flower and fruit, with are tiny but amass themselves in huge clusters in the foliage.

When they bloom again, I will upload photos.

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