Would you like some bread with your fruit?

  • Specie: Breadfruit Tree
  • Location: Hung Hom S Road between Dock Street and Gillies Ave South

Breadfruit Trees are pretty awesome because they have huge fan-like leaves, and I do mean fan, as in the size of A4 sheets of paper and often bigger. The leaves are cool and all, but I have always wondered where the bread and fruit come in. My wait ended with this Breadfruit Tree standing on a corner of Hung Hom S Road, complete with its fruit.

According to online sources, the fruits of the Breadfruit Tree are actually edible, and yes they supposed to taste like bread, and freshly baked ones at that. They look a lot like Jackfruits, which also grow on trees and are also found in Hong Kong. I have tasted Jackfruits and their slightly tangy, fragrant taste is nothing like bread so I am assuming Breadfruits are different. Regardless how they taste, Breadfruit Trees are supposed to be the most productive fruit trees around, yielding up to 200 fruits per year, quite believable given the load this tree is carrying.
For an even more impressive view, walk a little further up Hung Hom S Road (towards the MTR station), and there an entire row of them inside the Hung Ling Street Sitting Out Area.

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humble student of the glory of trees

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