A Dragon Eye watching over Queen’s College

  • Species: Longan Tree (dimocarpus longan)
  • Location: Queen’s College parking lot, Causeway Road opposite Victoria Park

As one of the most famous boys schools in Hong Kong, Queen’s College in Causeway Bay Road opposite Victoria Park has a reputation for producing some of the city’s most prominent personalities. But that is not the institution’s only contribution to the city.

Located in the parking lot of its main administrative office is this Longan tree that produces fruit of the same name, which translates as ‘dragon eye’ or 龍眼, in Chinese.

young and leaning

The specimen looks relatively young, but it grows at a slanted angle, with a rough and scaly trunk that gives it plenty of character and mettle.

longan tree

It’s far from grand, or majestic at its tender age, but we were all young once. Let’s just hope it endures and becomes as illustrious as the institution’s other alumni, who includes the founding father of modern China, Sun Yat Sen!

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humble student of the glory of trees

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