Surprise discoveries at Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park

  • Species: Hainan Elaeocarpus (elaeocarpus hainanensis), India Almond Tree (terminalia catappa), Spider Tree (crateva unilocularis), Frangipani
  • Location: Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park, Western

This weekend, I made my way to Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park in Western district in search of the “Pink and White Shower” trees that was pointed out by Hong Kong Nature Treasures. I was a bit disappointed that I didn’t manage to find what I was looking for, at least they weren’t in bloom, so I wasn’t able to locate them.

Then again, I was pleasantly surprise by the collection of urbantrees inside the park, which was itself a nice discovery, with its harbour view and meticulously landscaped grounds.

Right from the entrance to the park, I was delighted to find several blooming Hainan Elaeocarpus (elaeocarpus hainanensis 水石榕).

Then there was the row of young Indian Almond (terminalia catappa 欖仁樹) trees, complete with their fruit a little further down the walkway.

A second row of Indian Almond trees are on the other side of the main lawn. With such a high concentration of Indian Almond trees, this park must really light up during the winter, when these trees’ leaves turn red and maroon before falling down.

Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park
A second row of Indian Almond trees

More impressive is the Indian Almond tree that graces courtyard of the sports complex, which is older and taller than its younger brethren in the park.

Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park
An elder Indian Almond tree in the courtyard of the sports centre

Also at the park were blooming frangipanis and a flowering Spider tree.

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