Welcome to Urbantrees of the World

Welcome! Here, we strive to celebrate the trees that accompany us during our brief time on this here Earth. They live beside our homes, streets and cities. They provide us with scenery, they give us air to breathe, they calm our nerves, lower our blood pressure, teach us about harmony and show us an expression of eternity.

Everywhere I go, every city I visit, I look out for trees. From the massive Chinese Banyans that line Garden Road in Hong Kong’s bustling Central district, to the Gingko trees and Japanese pines that line the streets of Tokyo, trees are constantly part of our lives. But they are often neglected, ignored and overlooked.

I hope to change that with this site, where tree appreciation takes centre stage, where trees get their well deserved place as an integral part of urban lives and living environments. Join us and celebrate the nurturing energy, mystic embrace and awesome vitality that trees of all kinds bring to human lives.

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humble student of the glory of trees

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