The chess piece in a tiny park

  • Specie: Big-leaved Fig (ficus virens)
  • ‘Old and valuable’ tree of Hong Kong listing: LCSD CW/39
  • Location: Kau U Fong sitting area

Inside a nondescript park no bigger than a playground off Kau U Fong sits an elder Big-leaved Fig tree. Despite being one of the  ‘Old and valuable’ trees of Hong Kong, this individual is kind of easy to miss since it is hidden towards the back and there isn’t much around there except restaurants.

It is very distinctive when you get closer however because it sits inside a perfectly round pot, that is raised off the ground. 

Combined with its detailed roots, the effect is like a huge, gigantic chess/checker piece, except instead of the carefully crafted shape of a castle or knight, there is a grand old tree with two prominent trunks reaching up to the sky like a big ‘v’.

Like many elders of its kind, there is a certain sense of quite dignity and stoicism with this particular tree. It stands quietly in this alcove, besides the public toilet facilities that the government happened to build adjacent, accompanied only by the chess players on the far side of the yard and another, younger sibling (photo below) on the other end.


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